RubyWorld Conference 2014
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RubyWorld Conference Prospectus 2014

This year’s RubyWorld Conference will be the sixth, although when the inaugural meeting was held in 2009, the mere fact that companies would employ Ruby was enough to make big news throughout the industry. Today, however, Ruby has become a logical choice, and no longer makes the news, regardless of what kind of companies employ it. Ruby can be considered as progressing through the stages in line with the chasm theory, which is advocated by Geoffrey A. Moore.

When this chasm theory was covered in the prospectus for holding the 2010 RubyWorld Conference, Ruby was just in the process of crossing the chasm, and we feel it was a stage where we were starting to be noticed by an “early majority”, a group who take an interest in relatively new technologies. Four years on, Ruby has arrived at the “late majority”, in other words “regular people”.

But in order to filter through to the “late majority”, which is not a group that shows an interest in us due simply to new technologies, psychological, economic and political obstacles will need to be considered, rather than only pursuing new technologies, in contrast with previous efforts. I believe that an important theme in the near future for spreading Ruby will probably be “penetration” that can surmount these obstacles. I expect that through this year’s RubyWorld Conference, Ruby, which continues to enter a new stage of permeation, can expect to have the opportunity to consider ways of penetration as well as the permeation process and growth involved, as it aligns itself with the real world of diversity.

I sincerely hope that this year’s RubyWorld Conference will be of assistance so that all of us can build the future on our own, as we find out about Ruby’s new possibilities, as we have done in years past.

Yukihiro Matsumoto
Chairman of the Execution Committee of the RubyWorld Conference