RubyWorld Conference 2014
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RubyWorld Conference 2014 Entry

There is a 5000yen registration fee for attending RubyWorld Conference 2014! Registration is required in advance though the fee will be paid upon entrance. Please register for RubyWorld Conference by e-mail:

Please include your personal information as follows:

  • Name in full (as it appears on your passport)
  • Country of citizenship
  • Company/Organization
  • Participation in the Reception: Yes or No
  • Participation in lunch service offered at the Conference: Yes or No

Term of Registration

7/30/2014(Wed)~10/31/2014(Fri)17:00 JST (Japan Standard Time)

Details of Registration

  • Registration Fee is 5000yen for entry into the RubyWorld Conference 2014
  • Participation in Reception on Thursday November 13th (attendance not required see details below)
  • Participation in Lunch services made available at the Conference for 1000yen per meal (not required see details below)

RWC2014 Reception and Lunch Box Service details

  • The Reception: To be held on November 13th (Thu) at 18:45 in Kunibiki Messe. Fee for participation is 5000yen to be paid the day of the reception. Fee covers attendance as well as stand up dinner. Dinner will be Buffet style and includes drinks! Please feel welcome to join us at the Reception.
  • Lunch Box Service: There are only a few restaurants in the conference area. With this in mind, a lunch box service including drinks will be made available during the Conference. Lunch boxes will include fresh and seasonable produce and ingredients from Shimane Prefecture. This service needs to be ordered in advance and costs only 1000yen per meal. We hope you utilize this convenient service made available for you.